Personalized Intensives

We invite you to experience the magic and potent healing land of Corona Del Mar

Our Personalized intensives are designed to nourish the body, mind and soul

Infusing  lifestyles with wellness strategies for optimal health and vitality

Reconnecting the heart to joy, lightness and love


Private Intensives can be designed to accommodate personalized intentions. Those looking to rest and rejuvenate, can book their time here as a basic package which includes a Wellness consultation with Dr. Malus, an individualized diet plan, A family Constellation,  private room and patio, private bathroom, seaside hot tub, Infared sauna, access to our semi private beach, as well as 3 healthy love infused meals.

Personalized Intensives are designed to help you RESET in body, mind and soul. We will assess your intentions and goals through an initial intake and build a week for you,  to assist you in your process, meeting you where you are at in your journey, and help you take the leap into living your life to the fullest expression. An additional 3-7 services will be built into your stay, at an additional cost.

Individualized intensives are created for more complex and chronic illnesses including immune deficiencies, addiction, chronic pain, cancer, and difficult diagnosis patients. Prices for a one week individualized stay at the sanctuary are between $4,000-6,000$ USD. Longer stays are recommended for some patients and will be evaluated and cost estimates given on a case-by-case basis.

We are currently offering Introductory Rest and Rejuvenate Private Intensives for our initial 10 guests.

 3 Day Rest and Rejuvenate

 $600 Individual/$1000 Couple

7 Day Rest and Rejuvenate

    $1250 Individual/$2190 Couple


Wellness Consultation with Dr Malus

Individualized diet plan

Family Constellation

Access to Semi private beach

Infar-Red Sauna for cellular detoxification   

Seaside Hot Tub

Private Room and Bathroom

3 Love Infused Healthy Meals

All services can be to your week with us, please let us know what resonates with you, and we can discuss during your initial intake and registration. Ala carte offerings can be built into your Rest and Rejuvenate stay with us at an additional cost.


Wellness Consultation with Dr Malus

Hydrotherapy Treatment

IV Therapy

Comprehensive lab analysis

Prescribed Diet

Ayurvedic Bliss Treatment

Fasting support


Holistic Wellness Strategies for sustainable vitality

Family Constellations

Silent retreats

Kundalini Yoga

Cranialsacral Therapy

Structural Bodywork


Goddess Yoga

Integrative Massage Therapy

Holotropic Breath Rebirthing

Ayurvedic Panchakarma


Music Therapy


Art Therapy

Community outreach Hearts of Baja Orphanage

Guadalupe Canyon Oasis Hot Springs

El Salto Canyon Waterfall Hike